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Auction at Tollymore

We will be auctioning a range of kayaks and mountain bikes on Sunday, 6th September 2015 commencing at 1.30pm.

Items may be viewed between 11am-1.30pm on the day of the auction.

Please ensure you have read the Terms & Conditions of Auction 2015 before placing a bid.

Kayak Description

NDK Romany

A manoeuvrable and direction stable kayak for the medium sized paddler. Designed for rough water and ease of handling in conditions.

NDK Greenlander

This expedition kayak is low volume and fast, ideal for the medium sized paddler. Designed for comfort and speed with a sleek appearance. The Greenlander is designed along traditional Inuit lines with a traditional up turn of the stern.

Valley Aquanaut x 2

The Aquanaut is a thoroughly modern all-round sea-kayak, designed to be a little more forgiving than boats like the Nordkapp, making it suited to a wider range of paddlers. The modern profiles feature reduced bow and stern overhang, a shallower “V’d ” hull and a little more flare above the water line. These design feature help to maintain performance yet increase stability – characteristics that help increase confidence in all paddlers. A fast, comfortable, multi-use sea-kayak suitable for most paddlers.

Valley Pintail

The original ocean play boat. Lively and of low volume, the Pintail is most at home surfing or playing in overfalls. Although superseded by the Avocet, the Pintail is still available in ocean and keyhole cockpit versions. Our boat had an ocean cockpit.

P & H Capella 167   and P & H Capella

This mainstay of the P&H Range has all of the design characteristics expected of a classic British sea kayak and is designed especially for the larger paddler or those wanting a roomy, high volume sea kayak. Its moderate ‘V’ hull provides a good mix of tracking performance and comforting initial stability whilst soft chines give responsive edging coupled with confidence inspiring secondary stability.

P & H Quest

The Quest is designed for those paddlers requiring a fast yet stable kayak that is ideally suited to longer open sea crossings and expedition work. Although the same width as the Capella the Quest benefits form a longer waterline thus ensuring an excellent turn of speed and smooth transition through choppy waters. Whilst not as manoeuvrable as some other kayaks more experienced paddlers will find that leaning the kayak produces excellent carved turns.

Should you have any queries regarding the kayaks, please contact Oisin Hallissey on +44 (028) 4372 1723 or alternatively you can email Oisin at  .

Mountain Bikes

Should you have any queries regarding the mountain bikes, please contact Ian Bailey on +44 (028) 4372 2158 or alternatively you can email Ian at  .


Current situation

As you are probably aware the current advice from the Northern Ireland Executive, Health Promotion Agency NI and Health & Safety Executive NI, as well as our expert group within Sport NI is that we cannot deliver any face to face courses for our customers including use of the Hot Rock Climbing Wall.

We know that you and many others like minded folk are very keen to get back on track with your plans to attend and complete a range of personal skills training and qualifications in a range of disciplines.

Believe us when we say we are equally keen to get outside with you and help you reach your goals and complete that journey.

How do we know? Because every day we get emails and phone calls asking when will courses resume and with every NI Executive mention of easing of restrictions the emails and phone calls are more frequent……