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Canoe Touring

Touring around our local rivers

A day out touring around our local rivers

Inland touring is a purely recreational aspect of canoeing and involves a trip or journey in your boat. Touring by boat gives you the chance to slow down and enjoy the scenery. The real beauty of touring by canoe is that you can choose your own pace and savour every moment.

Touring is as enjoyable when you’re on a solo adventure as it is with family and friends. You can grab a picnic and head out with no particular destination in mind or you can pack your camping gear and travel for several days, or even weeks, living on what you’re carrying in your boat. You  need only basic paddling skills but the possibilities for enjoyment and adventure are endless.

Touring is, by definition, non-competitive. That doesn’t mean that touring paddlers don’t have a chance to get together, though. Often, there will be tour events where paddlers can meet to paddle a certain river together.