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Outdoor Learning – a Maori Perspective

Tollymore National Outdoor Centre were delighted to recently present ‘ Outdoor Learning – a Maori Perspective’. This presentation and workshop by Dr J lhirangi Heke took place in October 2014.

Dr. Ihi Heke is a Maori Health and Physical Activity consultant from New Zealand.  Dr Heke is also a consultant to the New Zealand Academy of Sport and he believes it is time to reassess both physical education and outdoor education processes in New Zealand to include a much higher level of indigenous Maori related information. This presentation provided examples of environmentally based physical education, outdoor education and exercise psychology from an indigenous Maori perspective. Both pre-European and contemporary interpretations of the New Zealand environment will highlight the range of training opportunities that exist.

Dr Heke provided a fascinating insight into the Maori perspective on environmental stewardship and responsibility in outdoor sports and this was a great opportunity to gain from his knowledge and experience.

Dr Heke’s presentation.