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Inclusive Sports Facility Accreditation

Northern Ireland’s main disability sports charity, Disability Sport NI, has awarded Tollymore National Outdoor Centre the Inclusive Sports Facility Accreditation, a major disability inclusion award in Northern Ireland.

Tollymore ISF PresentationInclusive Sports Facility Accreditation is a prestigious award developed jointly by Disability Sport NI and Sport Northern Ireland to encourage sports facilities to move beyond providing basic physical access and to develop facilities which meet the best possible levels of good practice in terms of the design and management of sports facilities which meet the sporting needs of people with disabilities.

Disability Sport NI Chairperson Angela Hendra said ‘Although access to sports facilities for people with disabilities in Northern Ireland has improved considerably in recent years, all too often improvements have been limited to meeting the minimum requirements of the DDA and building regulations. I congratulate Tollymore National Outdoor Centre, therefore on moving beyond the provision of basic physical access and developing a sports facility which is truly inclusive of people with disabilities’.

Congratulating Tollymore National Outdoor Centre on the achievement of Inclusive Sports Facility Accreditation, Sport Northern Ireland Interim Chief Executive Arthur Scott said, ‘Implementing best practice in the design and management of facilities in terms of access for people with a disability is crucial in providing inclusive sporting opportunities and ensuring that more people enjoy, engage and excel in sport.  I would like to commend Tollymore National Outdoor Centre on its achievement and commitment to providing a facility that is fully inclusive of people with disabilities.”

Speaking on behalf of Tollymore National Outdoor Centre, Trevor Fisher said ’We are very pleased to be receiving this award and believe that the improvements made at the centre, will enable us to encourage more people with disabilities in the area, to utilise the facility on a regular basis’.