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Climbing Routes

This list outlines many of the possible routes on the wall. A route can be climbed using only the bolt-on holds, or by also using the moulded natural features. These features include ‘pockets’ and ‘smears’. ‘Pockets’ are the deep holes and ‘smears’ are the moulded edges.

The routes are graded assuming that you use the ‘smears’ as foot holds in addition to the stated colour of bolt-on holds.

If only the ‘smears’ are used for footholds, the route will typically increase in difficulty by about a grade.

If ‘pockets’ and ‘smears’ are used for footholds, the grade of the route will decrease.

Routes finish at the highest hold on the route.

Please add your comments / grade suggestions to the list at the reception area. If you climb a combination that is not shown on this list, and you think it is particularly good, please let us know and we will add it to this list.