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Greenland Games

Saturday 12th Oct Sunday 13th Oct Greenland Games – Weekend Pass £25
Saturday 12th Oct Sunday 13th Oct Greenland Games – B&B Package 1 £67.50
Saturday 12th Oct Sunday 13th Oct Greenland Games – B&B Package 2 £96



For 100s of years, the Inuit people of Greenland paddled to survive, to hunt and to travel.  As a result, their kayaks, paddles, harpoons and other kit were all developed to a high standard and for a specific purpose.  Kayaks were hard chined, long and narrow.  They had to be easy to roll. Their unique Greenland paddles are narrow and diamond-shaped in cross-section, and one of their properties was the ability to paddle in almost complete silence. Rolling was a vital survival skill in icy arctic waters, so a large variety of different rolls were practiced, enabling a kayaker to roll up one handed or with the paddle well out of its proper place, even if its owner was injured or tangled with fishing line.

During the long Arctic winters, the Inuit stayed fit and practiced techniques by competing in various rope exercises and gymnastics. Their unique paddling style has spread across the world and is enthusiastically practiced by people in many countries.  For one weekend Tollymore will become home to a range of coaching clinics, demo’s and competitions.

This weekend has become an annual fixture on the NI paddling calendar when it was run by Elaine ‘Shooter’ Alexander at the Share Centre.  Unfortunately Share are unable to run the event this year and we are keen to see it continue and develop.

This weekend is a get together for those with an interest in all things ‘Greenland kayaking’!   It will be a great place for folk to share ideas, learn new skills and polish existing techniques.  The weekend is a day of coaching and trying out new ideas, plus a game of fun competition

The weekend commences on Saturday morning.  Saturday will include a range of workshops which will include:

  • Introduction to rolling
  • Greenland rope games
  • Harpoon throwing
  • Greenland rolling techniques
  • Paddle making
  • Greenland paddles and paddling technique
  • Lots more besides……

For those who choose to arrive on Friday evening, the rolling pool and Greenland ropes will be available to use.

Sunday will consist of a range of traditional competitions, such as harpoon throwing, rolling and kayak racing.

A range of DVDs will be shown on both Friday and Saturday evening.

An overall 2019 Greenland Games Champion will be declared and will include results from the Rope Gymnastics (Sat eve), Sprint and Long Distance Races, Harpoon throwing and Rolling (all on Sunday)

Tollymore has a range of more ‘traditional’ (i.e. hard-chine) sea kayaks, such as those from Tahe Marine, Pete Spence and Valley.  Folks will have an opportunity to try these kayaks and feel how they differ from more familiar round chine sea kayaks.


Current situation

As you are probably aware the current advice from the Northern Ireland Executive, Health Promotion Agency NI and Health & Safety Executive NI, as well as our expert group within Sport NI is that we cannot deliver any face to face courses for our customers including use of the Hot Rock Climbing Wall.

We know that you and many others like minded folk are very keen to get back on track with your plans to attend and complete a range of personal skills training and qualifications in a range of disciplines.

Believe us when we say we are equally keen to get outside with you and help you reach your goals and complete that journey.

How do we know? Because every day we get emails and phone calls asking when will courses resume and with every NI Executive mention of easing of restrictions the emails and phone calls are more frequent……