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Personal Development

Personal Development

When you gain a qualification, it is often not the end of a journey. We need to keep our qualifications up to date and current. All of the courses in this section will do just that – enable you to brush up on elements that may have become a bit rusty and keep track of the most up to date developments within your award scheme or governing body.

There are various options available for your personal development, to support your coaching and leading. Whether you’re looking for an introduction to the various disciplines or exploring a variety of topics to support your coaching and leading, there’s something for everyone.

If you cant see a course in the calendar that you would like to attend contact Oisin Hallissey on 02843722158 or email to express an interest and we may be able to facilitate a course.

Discipline Support Modules 

If you’re looking to develop your knowledge in the various specialist disciplines that Paddlesport has to offer, the Discipline Support Modules introduce the discipline’s fundamental techniques and link to coaching behaviours. Whether you’re a bank-based or boat-based coach, these modules give you an insight and introduction to the disciplines. Click HERE for the full list of Discipline Support Modules.

Knowledge Modules

If you’re looking to support your paddlers by supplementing your knowledge, there are various options available to you. The Foundation and Intermediate Modules offer you the chance to explore a range of topics based around sports science and coaching. The Discipline Support Modules give you an introduction to the various disciplines paddlesport has to offer. Click HERE for the full list of Knowledge Modules.